Doug, The Concrete Post Man, explains why “This is not an ordinary fence post!

Why would anyone, Fence it three or four times with a wooden post when you can use an Australian Concrete Post and Do it once in a lifetime?
I suppose it would be okay of you just loved fencing??
Buy this post! Use it! Enjoy the benefits of it for the rest of your life!

The Australian Concrete Post was conceived at least seven years ago and from the very inception it was going to be a seriously viable alternative to the (real post) i.e. a wooden post. It had to be able to take the place of the dying wooden post and not just be a pretender for the title as all previous attempts at replacing the good old wooden post had been.

Enough guts to do the job…

Our sales manager, Mr Doug Leadbeatter, has had a long association with the wooden fence post industry. During his life, Doug has cut thousands of wooden posts and has bought and sold over 1,000,000 wooden posts. In Doug’s opinion, the all new intermediate post from Australian Concrete Posts is the first post that is heavy enough and mixed strong enough to be the one that will find it’s place in history, as the true replacement for the wooden post. It’s a post he is prepared to put his name beside. To Quote him “It’s got enough guts to do the job”

What makes it so unique?

For a start it is made with special fine, medium grade and course sand, this is done so that the various grades can lock together making it stronger than an ordinary standard sand mix. The blue metal is specially sought from the toughest and least porous rock, in order to provide strength. If porous rock is used the post can crack through the blue metal, as this becomes a weak point in the post. The steel is quality BHP steel, some other suppliers may use imported steel and we admit that buying cheaper steel is tempting, however, in keeping with our long life and extra strength ideal, we buy the best and into the 50MPA mix it goes. 50 MPA mix is a lot of cement in any language.

Quality Assured…

Our post is fully built to a Quality Assurance AS9000 standard and each batch has a number when it comes from Boral. Our partnering with Boral is done so that we can be assured that every batch is the same high standard. It’s the only large hole post that is approved by RTA and RMS for main roads work.

A genuine farm asset…

So, this is no ordinary post and as such it can be purchased with confidence and it will become a genuine 80-100 year farm improvement asset.

Why would anyone, fence it 3-4 times with wooden posts when you can use an Australian Concrete Post and do it once in a life time?
I suppose it would be ok if you just loved fencing???
Buy this post ! Use it ! Enjoy the benefits of it for the rest of your life.

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